Common Name: Queenfish
Species Name: Scomberoides commersonnianus
Queenfish are also Known as Leatherskin, Skinny, Skinnyfish and Queenie. Queenfish are bluish black on the upper body and silvery white metallic sheen along the flanks and belly area. Some Larger fish may be yellowish shade underneath. Another distinguishing feature is a line of up to five or more elliptical marks on the flanks above the lateral line. The Queenfish grows up to 120 cm and approximately 11Kg most commonly taken by anglers to around 7kg.

Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australian waters. Inhabiting reefs, sand flats and estuaries.

Light tackle to medium tackle.

chrome lures, Minnows, Poppers surface and Saltwater Fly.

Garfish, mullet, pilchard, fish pieces or strips and live baits.