The Angling Rules and Regulations have been formulated to promote ethical and sportsmanlike angling practices, to establish uniform regulations for the compilation of Australian Gamefish Records and to provide basic angling guidelines for use in fishing tournaments and any other group angling activity.


The word ‘angling’ is defined as catching or attempting to catch fish with a rod, reel, line and hook as outlined in the GFAA Angling Rules and Equipment Regulations.  However, there are some aspects of angling that cannot be controlled through rule-making. Angling rules cannot ensure an outstanding performance from each fish and Australian records cannot indicate the amount of difficulty in catching the fish.


Captures in which the fish has not fought or has not had a chance to fight do not reflect credit on the angler, and only the angler can properly evaluate the degree of achievement in establishing the record.


Only fish caught in accordance with GFAA Australian Angling Rules and within the intent of these rules will be considered for Australian records.