Grey Mackerel

Grey Mackerel - Scomberomorus semifasciatus

CAAB Code: 37 441018

Standard Fish Name: Grey Mackerel

Scientific Name: Scomberomorus semifasciatus

Authority: Macleay, 1884

Family: Scombridae

Obsolete Names: broad barred mackerel; broad barred spanish mackerel; broadbanded mackerel; broadbarred king mackerel; broad-barred mackerel; broad-barred Spanish mackerel; broad-barred spanish mackerel; brownie; Spanish mackerel; spanish mackerel; tiger mackerel

Grey Mackerel
When Caught

Year round, with peak supplies of Spanish mackerel occurring in September and October and grey mackerel in July and August
Important Features

Saltwater, Caught in open water and near reefs


Chilling mackerel immediately on capture will help ensure a high-quality product.

Mackerel species are sometimes responsible for ciguatera fish poison-ing and scombroid fish poisoning (histamine).

In Japan, the generic common name for members of the genus Scomberomorus is sawara  while for members of the genus Scomber, saba  is used.

India, Myanmar and Thailand:
Spanish mackerel fillets

Common Size

Overseas Names

GB: broadbarred king mackerel; USA: brownie, tiger mackerel

Mackerel Broad Barred