Scientific name

Symphorus nematophorus

  • adult fish are mottled pink and red, forming indistinct vertical bars
  • small adults and juveniles have horizontal blue stripes on the body and elongated spines on the soft dorsal fin, growing to long filaments
  • a deep elongated pit between the eye and nostril
Family name Lutjanidae (tropical snappers and seaperches)
Family description
  • most tropical snappers and seaperches are easy to identify by their adult colouration
  • most have strong spinous dorsal fins and a more-or-less continuous dorsal fin which may be slightly notched between the spinous and soft parts
  • they are carnivores and typically feed at night
  • some species are known ciguatoxin carriers
  • jobfishes are a subset of this family and include all species of the genera Aphareus, Aprion, Etelis, Parapristipomoides and Pristipomoides