1st May 2015

From IGFA - "In the last 11 days alone, eight tags have popped off of black marlin that were tagged during the 2014 Lizard Island, Australia IGMR to reveal that the eight fish swam a combined linear distance of 15,187 nautical miles (nm)....."

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1st  May 2015

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA issued the following media release yesterday:

Media release

Following careful review of the latest science and other expert advice, the Commission of the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) today agreed to revise the Harvest Strategy for the Small Pelagic Fishery (SPF).

23rd April 2015

The Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation have responded to comments by AFMA about recreational fishing relating to mammal deaths in the Small Pelagic Fishery.

Downloadable PDF Media Release


21st April 2015

In response to the latest news of mammal mortality in the Small Pelagic Fishery the GFAA Conservation Officer, Dr. Evan Jones has issued the following Media Release:

The Game Fishing Association Of Australia called for the immediate suspension of all commercial fishing operations by the supertrawler "Geelong Star" following the reports of marine mammals deaths today.

The news released today by the Australian Fisheries Management showed that the Super trawler "The Geelong Star" had killed 4 Dolphins and 2 Seals in its first trial at sea in Australian waters.

21st April 2015

We have been advised that the factory trawler "Geelong Star" has killed 4 Dolphins and 2 Seals.  As a result of this the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has issued a media release titled "AFMA strengthens marine mammal protection in the Small Pelagic Fishery".  The media release is reproduced below or it can be viewed on the AFMA website.

GFAA are extremely disappointed with comments made by AFMA that "from time to time both commercial and recreational fishers will accidentally harm marine mammals ..."  GFAA has released a media release in response to these claims which may be downloaded here.