4th September 2015

The Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation (ARFF) is calling on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to display caution when considering removing the ban on the Geelong Star from fishing at night. The foreign owned factory trawler was banned by fisheries authorities from fishing at night after it killed eight dolphins on its first two trips to sea.

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4th September 2015

We have started scanning some of the documents from our archives.  They can be accessed from the GFAA Information dropdown Link above (then Historical Documents) or directly folder HERE


7th August 2015

The latest update from the Co-Chairs of the Bioregional Advisory Panels was released yesterday.    A PDF file of the article is available here 

Alternatively, for more information about the Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review and the Panels, please visit: www.marinereservesreview.gov.au 

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6th August 2015

"Scientists have flown to one of Australia's most extensive game fishing competitions to harness the manpower of anglers..... " 

This article was published in the "News" last Saturday.  You can download a PDF file of the article here  




17th July 2015

Check out this short Tagging video which was recently posted by NSWDPI Fisheries.  Some great information here.


Link to the Video.