22nd November 2016

The controversial Fishing (Super) Trawler the Geelong Star has left Australian waters.  The AFMA website reports:


Departure of the Geelong Star from Australian waters

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) can confirm that the mid-water trawler, the Geelong Star which has been operating in Australia waters since April 2015, is no longer under Australian jurisdiction.

Enquiries about the decision to leave Australian waters or future fishing operations of the Geelong Star, should be directed to the operator.

The Geelong Star is not currently subject to any investigation by AFMA for breaches of Commonwealth fishing regulations.






22nd November 2016


The International Game Fishing Association have issued a series of recommendations to the Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Commission.  View their recommendations below:


 PDF Document - IGFA




21st October 2016

Tracking and dive depth information from the first tag that was deployed in the small black marlin study:



14th June 2016

Hi all,

I would like to proudly acknowledge our Juniors in NZ WHO ARE IN THE LEAD AT PRESENT.

Great Stuff

Day 2 Results

Link to Video of Welcome Ceremony

Doug Sanderson

President GFAA Inc.