(a) Line

Any type of fly line and backing may be used. The breaking strength of the fly line and backing are not restricted.



(b) Leader

Leaders must conform to generally accepted fishing customs.

The leader includes a class tippet and, optionally, a shock tippet. A butt or taper section between the fly line and the class tippet shall also be considered part of the leader, and there are no limits on its length, material, or strength.


The class tippet must be made of non-metallic material and either attached directly to the fly or to the shock tippet, if one is used. The class tippet must be at least 38.10cm (15in) long (measured inside connecting knots). With respect to knotless, tapered leaders, the terminal 38.10cm (15in) will also determine tippet class. There are no maximum length limitations. The breaking strength determines the class of the tippet.


A shock tippet, not to exceed 30.48cm (12in) in length, may be added to the class tippet and tied to the lure. It can be made of any type of material, and there is no limit on its breaking strength. The shock tippet is measured from the eye of the hook to the single strand of class tippet and includes any knots used to connect the shock tippet to the class tippet.


In the case of the tandem hook fly, the shock tippet shall be measured from the eye of the leading hook.