(e) Rod


1. Rods must comply with sporting ethics and customs. Considerable latitude is allowed in the choice of rod, but rods giving the angler an unfair advantage will be disqualified. This rule is intended to eliminate the use of unconventional rods.


2. The rod tip must be a minimum of 101.6cm (40in) in length. The rod butt cannot exceed 68.58cm (27in) in length. These measurements must be made from a point directly beneath the centre of the reel. A curved butt is measured in a straight line. (Above measurements do not apply to surf-casting rods.)


(f) Reel


1. Reels must comply with sporting ethics and customs.


2. Power-driven reels of any kind are prohibited. This includes motor, hydraulic or electrically driven reels and any device that gives the angler an unfair advantage.


3. Ratchet handle reels are prohibited.


4. Reels designed to be cranked with both hands at the same time are prohibited.