(i) Other equipment


1. Fighting chairs may not have any mechanical propelled devices that aid the angler in fighting a fish.


2. Gimbals must be free-swinging, which includes gimbals that swing in a vertical plane only. Any gimbal that allows the angler to reduce strain or to rest while fighting the fish is prohibited.


3. Gaffs and nets used to boat or land a fish must not exceed 2.44m (8ft) in overall length. (When fishing from a bridge, pier, or other high platform or structure, this length limitation does not apply.)  In using a flying or detachable gaff, the rope may not exceed 9.14m (30ft).  The gaff rope must be measured from the point where the rope is secured to the detachable head to the other end.  Only the effective length will be considered. If a fixed head gaff is used, the same limitation shall apply and the gaff rope shall be measured from the same location on the gaff hook.  Only a single hook is permitted on any gaff.  Harpoon or lance attachments are prohibited.  Tail ropes are limited to 9.14m (30ft).





4. Floats are prohibited with the exception of any small flotation device attached to the line or leader for the sole purpose of regulating the depth of the bait. The flotation device must not in any way hamper the fighting ability of the fish.


5. Entangling devices (either with or without a hook) are prohibited and may not be used for any purpose, including baiting, hooking, fighting, or landing the fish.


6. Outriggers, downriggers and kites are permitted provided that the actual fishing line is attached to the snap or other release device, either directly or with some other material. The leader or double line may not be connected to the release mechanism, either directly or with the use of connecting device.


7. Any devices used in conjunction with a lure that could impede the fighting ability of the fish MUST be on a breakaway system.


8. A safety line may be attached to the rod, reel or harness provided that it does not in any way assist the angler in fighting the fish.