(g) Gaffs and nets


Gaffs and nets used to boat or land a fish must not exceed 2.44m (8ft) in overall length. (When fishing from a bridge, pier or other high stationary structure, this length limitation does not apply.)

The use of a flying gaff is not permitted. Only a single hook is permitted on any gaff. Harpoon or lance attachments are prohibited.

A rope or any extension cannot be attached to the gaff.



(h) 15kg category rules


  1. 15kg tippet is for billfish and sharks only.
  2. Shock tippet length is not to exceed 100cm (1m).
  3. A minimum 500cm of fly line must be used.
  4. Flying gaffs are permitted for this line class only.
  5. All other GFAA rules and regulations for flyfishing apply.