(c) Rod

Regardless of material or number of sections, rods must conform to generally accepted flyfishing customs and practices.

A rod shall not measure less than 1.82m (6ft) in overall length. Any rod that gives the angler an unsporting advantage will be disqualified. Extension butts are limited to 15.24cm (6in).


(d) Reel

The reel must be designed expressly for flyfishing. There are no restrictions on gear ratio or type of drag employed, except where the angler would gain an unfair advantage. Electric or electronically operated reels are prohibited.


(e) Hooks

A conventional fly may be dressed on a single hook or double hook or two single hooks in tandem. The second hook in any tandem fly must not exceed beyond the wing material. The eyes of the hooks shall be no farther than 15.24cm (6in) apart. Treble hooks are prohibited.



(f) Lures

The lure must be a recognised type of artificial fly, which includes streamer, bucktail, tube fly, wet fly, dry fly, nymph, popper and bug. The use of any other type of lure or natural or preserved bait, either singularly or attached to the fly, is expressly prohibited.

The fact that a lure can be cast with a fly rod is not evidence in itself that it fits the definition of a fly. The use of any lure designed to entangle or foul-hook a fish is prohibited.

No scent, either natural or artificial, is allowed on flies. The use of scented material in a fly is prohibited.