1. The angler must cast, hook, fight and bring the fish to gaff or net unaided by any other person. No other person may touch any part of the tackle during the playing of the fish or give aid other than taking the leader for gaffing or netting purposes. 
  2. Casting and retrieving must be carried out in accordance with normal customs and generally accepted practices. The major criterion in casting is that the weight of the line must carry the lure, rather than the weight of the lure carrying the line. Trolling a lure behind a moving watercraft is not permitted. The craft must be completely out of gear both at the time the fly is presented to the fish and during the retrieve. The maximum amount of line that can be stripped off the reel is 36.57m (120ft) from the lure.
  3. Once a fish is hooked, the tackle may not be altered in any way, with the exception of adding an extension butt.
  4. Fish must be hooked on the lure in use. If a small fish takes the lure and a larger fish swallows the smaller fish, the catch will be disallowed.
  5. One or more people may assist in gaffing or netting the fish.
  6. The Angling and Equipment Regulations shall apply until the fish is weighed.