Recognition of the capture of an Australian Record may not be granted by GFAA until after two months from the date of capture of the fish. Any claim received by GFAA more than two months from the date of capture will be considered only if the delay is caused by extenuating circumstances. If an incomplete record claim is submitted, it must be accompanied by an explanation of why portions are incomplete.

An incomplete claim will only be considered for a record if the following conditions are met:


  1. The incomplete claim with explanations of why portions are incomplete must be received by GFAA within the time limits specified above.          
  2. Missing data must be  due to circumstances beyond the control of the angler making the record claim.          
  3. All missing data must be supplied within a period of time considered to be reasonable in view of the particular circumstances. Final decisions on incomplete claims will be made by the Executive of GFAA.          
  4. A late payment fee of $110.00 where applicable, will be charged to who ever has caused the delay, Angler, Club or State.