Species Identification


  1. If there is the slightest doubt that the fish cannot be properly identified from the photographs and other data submitted, the fish should be examined by a qualified scientist or retained in a preserved or frozen condition until a qualified authority can verify the species, or until notified by GFAA that the fish need no longer be retained.
  1. In the case of a disputed identification, photographs of the catch will be submitted to two qualified authorities for their decision. When a question of identification arises, the angler will be notified and given ample opportunity to submit further evidence of identification.



Witness to Catch


  1. On all record claims, witnesses to the catch are highly desirable.  Unwitnessed catches may be disallowed if questions arise regarding their authenticity.
  1. It is important that the witnesses can attest to the angler's compliance with the GFAA Angling Rules and Regulations.