1. Protest applications on disputed existing records will be referred to the GFAA Executive for review. Its decision will be final. All GFAA decisions will be based upon the intent of the regulations.
  1. If a prize/cash is valued over $10,000 then the fish will not be eligible for an Australian Record in any category (i.e. line class, tippet, all tackle will be considered). Note: GFAA disapproves of the offering of substantial rewards for the capture or tagging of fish. This practice is not in the best interests of the sport of angling or the conservation of gamefish.
  1. In some instances an official (as defined in Weighing Of Fish) or a member of the GFAA Executive may request that the information supplied on a claim be rechecked. Such action is not to be regarded as doubt of the formal application, but rather as evidence of the extreme care with which GFAA investigates and maintains records.
  1. GFAA reserves the right to reject an application either for a record or award and its decision shall be final.
  1. Rejected applicants in relation to subsections 1 and 4 above will not be informed by the GFAA executive of the reason(s) for the rejection of their application.
  1. The GFAA executive reserves the right to alter the regulations governing record catch and/or award applications as is required from time to time and in accordance with the requirements of the GFAA constitution.