General Information


  1. GFAA maintains Australian records for both freshwater and saltwater gamefishes in line class, tippet class and all tackle categories.
  1. To qualify for official recording and granting of GFAA records, gamefish, rays and sharks must be caught by a financial or life member of a club affiliated with a state branch of GFAA. In order to qualify for a vacant GFAA record a gamefish fish must be at least equal in weight, & sharks & rays double to the line or tippet class in which the record is claimed. For a fish to replace an existing record it must outweigh the current record by an amount as shown in the section "WEIGHT REQUIRED TO DEFEAT OR TO TIE AN EXISTING RECORD" under Regulations Governing Record Catches.
  1. No application will be accepted for fish caught in hatchery waters,  sanctuaries or banned fishing areas in national parks. The catch must not be at variance with any laws or regulations governing the species or the waters in which it was caught.
  1. GFAA will not accept any record application generated from within a non-sanctioned tournament other than an internal club competition.
  1. When an additional species of gamefish is made eligible for GFAA Records the effective date will be announced. Fishes caught on or after this date will be eligible for records. An announcement of additional species will be made in the Australian Game Fishing Records and Rules or by notification to State Association Secretaries.