Records may be claimed in the following categories:

Environment Categories


  1. Saltwater
  2. Saltwater Fly (For saltwater recognised species)
  3. Freshwater (For freshwater recognised species)
  4. Freshwater Fly (For freshwater recognised species)
  5. Landbased Saltwater (For anglers fishing from the land, bridge, pier and other structures or platforms that are not free floating).


Angler Categories


1. Male

2. Female

3. Junior Male

4. Junior Female

5. Smallfry Male

6. Smallfry Female

7. All Tackle




Juniors -   Persons who have not attained the age of 16 years.


Smallfry - Persons who have not attained the age of 11 years.  


All records in salt water, fresh water, salt water fly & land based salt water may only be claimed within their age & gender categories - with the exception of all tackle records.

For each species and line class, a new category for overall record has been created. the overall record must exceed all existing records for that species and line class to be eligible including a $20 claim fee..