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Testing of Lines for Australian Records


  1. The line testing will be conducted on the GFAA-owned Instron Machine or by an approved testing laboratory in accordance with the Australian Standard AS2001-2.7 Determination of Breaking force and extension of yarns.
  2. The Standard AS2001-2.7 will be varied to reduce the number of tests on each sample to not less than three (3) and not more than five (5).
  3. The line will be conditioned prior to testing by soaking for two hours in distilled water complying with British Standard BS 3978 (1966).
  4. The mean of the tests will be calculated and this figure will be the accepted test figure for the determination of the claim.



Precis of the Australian Standard AS2001-2.7


  1. The machine on which the testing will be conducted will be constantly rate-of-extension type, complying with the requirements of Grade B machines specified in Australian Standard 2193.
  2. The test specimen will be extended at a constant rate of 20cm (+/- 2cm) per minute.
  3. Specimens will be tested using a gauge length of 500 mm (+/- 1mm).
  4. The fixed and moving jaws will be in the same plane and at right angles to the direction of traverse. Bollard jaws will be used, so constructed that they do not damage the test specimen.